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Baoshan University held the 2nd “China-Myanmar Cultural” Week

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       In the evening of December 8th, 2018, Baoshan University held the 2nd China-Myanmar Cultural Week  in Lanjin Hall.

Mr. Oo Soe Paing, Consul General of Myanmar in Kunming, Teachers and students representatives of 10 Myanmar universities and overseas Chinese schools, including Yangon University, Mandalay University, Myitkyina University, Adaban University, Yangon Foreign Studies University, Naypyidaw Jewelry Training School, Mandalay International University, Myitkyina Adult School, Mandalay Fuqing School, Mandalay Yunhua Teachers College, Mandalay China-Myanmar Friendship Association, Taiwan Province Nanhua University, capital university of economics and business, Yunnan University, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming College, Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. Representatives from German Teachers College, Tengchong Jewelry College in Universities of Applied Sciences, West Yunnan, and West Yunnan Science and Technology Teachers College, Li Zhigang, Party Secretary of Baoshan University, Zhao Zhou, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and President of Baoshan University, and Li Jie, Vice President of Baoshan University attended the meeting.

Speech by Zhao Zhou. He said that this China-Myanmar Cultural Week coincides with the 40th anniversary of the founding of Baoshan University. Myanmar and China are friendly neighbors linked by mountains and rivers. The traditional friendship between the two peoples goes back to ancient times, and they share a profound "friendship". China has always been in line with the neighboring foreign policy of "being good neighbors and partners with neighbors" and the foreign policy of "good neighbors, safe neighbors and rich neighbors" to get along with other countries in the world. As a comprehensive institution of higher learning located in the southwest border, Baoshan University shoulders an important historical responsibility, and has the obligation and responsibility to constantly develop and innovate in various forms and strive to contribute to the friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. The "China-Myanmar Cultural Week" is the concrete embodiment of this idea. He said that strengthening exchanges and cooperation in higher education and providing support in terms of talents and ideological wisdom for the development of the two countries is an important aspect of exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. Baoshan University expects more Myanmar universities to participate in this activity and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Chinese universities. It also hopes that domestic friendly universities including Taiwan Province can use this platform to seek more opportunities for exchanges and cooperation with Myanmar universities. Finally, he extended warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the invited Chinese and foreign guests, and expressed sincere thanks to Mr. Oo Soe Paing, Consul General of Myanmar in Kunming, for his long-term concern and support for exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Burmese universities.

This evening party is composed of two major movements, namely, "the style of hospital care" and "Myanmar customs", which fully displays the vigorous vitality and youth of college students. The evening party takes many forms, including instrumental performance, chorus and dance. Among them, "Meeting" brought by the Institute of Physical Education of Baoshan University is passionate, powerful and full of passion, showing the athletes' strong physique and positive spirit, attracting warm applause and constant cheers. The Story of Spring, Auspicious Dance brought by Yangon University and the performance brought by Mandalay University made the audience appreciate the rich exotic customs, and the performers fully demonstrated the achievements of spiritual civilization nurtured by Myanmar's characteristic culture. The costume show made by students of Jewelry College of Baoshan University attracted a lot of attention. The whole evening party reached a climax with warm applause from the audience. All kinds of original costumes were highly praised, and the ingenious design highlights were particularly brilliant because of creativity.

The evening party enhanced the communication and interaction between teachers and students in China and Myanmar, showed the positive and hard-working spirit of Chinese and Myanmar University students, and reflected the profound friendship between Chinese and Myanmars families.

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