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Introduction of secondary schools

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The school of Big Data  (Huawei Institute of Information and Network Technology)

There are eight full-time undergraduate majors in mathematics and applied mathematics, information and computing science, applied statistics, computer science and technology, network engineering, educational technology, data science and big data technology, and digital media technology, and two specialist majors in computer network technology and mathematics education.

The school has 1261 full-time undergraduates and 319 junior college students. There are 76 full-time teachers, including 8 professors, 30 associate professors, 8 doctors (including 6 doctors in school), 63 postgraduates, 29 "double-qualified" teachers and 21 teachers with engineering background. There are 1 "Yongchang Teaching Master", 3 young and middle-aged academic and technological innovation talents in Baoshan City, 2 teaching masters in Baoshan University and 2 tutors for off-campus master students.

The school has 12 professional laboratories, including Huawei Lab, Computer Network Lab and Digital Media Lab, with a total value of more than 9 million yuan.

The school cooperates with Huawei Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise, to promote the co-construction of schools and enterprises, to implant the engineering practice teaching links that Huawei deeply participates in, to further build Huawei ICT school, to build a capability-oriented practice teaching system, to innovate the talent training mode of school-enterprise integration, and to cultivate high-quality applied professionals with social responsibility, innovative spirit, practical ability and international vision.

The School of Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology school is a secondary college under Baoshan University, which originated from the Physics Department of Baoshan Teachers College in 1978. After Baoshan University was established in 2009, the Physics Department was renamed as Polytechnic school in April 2011, and Polytechnic school was renamed as Engineering and Technology school in July 2016. After running a school for more than 40 years, it has delivered more than 3,000 professionals to the society.

By September 2021, the school of Engineering and Technology had set up four undergraduate majors in physics, civil engineering, water conservancy and hydro power engineering and automobile service engineering, and three specialized majors in architectural design technology, water conservancy and hydro power engineering management and automobile operation and maintenance technology. It has three bachelor's degree authorization points: physics, civil engineering and water conservancy and hydro power engineering. There are 1192 students in school, including 1076 undergraduates and 116 junior college students.

There are 41 faculty members, including 5 professors, 9 associate professors, 12 lecturers, 2 doctoral students and 19 master students. With more than 30 professional laboratories, the assets of experimental instruments and equipment are more than 14 million yuan. At the same time, he undertakes the teaching tasks of public basic courses such as physics and experiment, electronic technology foundation and experiment.

The School of education

The School was formerly the Education Department of Baoshan Teachers College. Since its establishment in 2003, it has grasped the pulse of the times of basic education reform, made full use of the cultural resources of normal colleges, rooted primary education and preschool education in the school culture, and adopted practical measures to improve students' comprehensive quality, and continuously delivered qualified teachers to primary schools and kindergartens.

There are 1234 students in the school. There are 57 teachers, including 18 external teachers, 6 managers and 33 full-time teachers, including 4 professors, 13 associate professors and 12 double-qualified teachers. The school has a faculty with reasonable structure, solid professional theory, full of vitality, dedication and positive progress.

Since its establishment in 2003, the school has undertaken 1 research project on humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, more than 20 research projects at the provincial level and more than 30 research projects at the university level. It has successively published more than 400 academic papers, published 4 monographs, edited and participated in the compilation of 10 textbooks, and built 4 online courses. Preschool education major won the provincial first-class undergraduate major construction point in 2020.

The  School of Economics and Management

The School of Economics and Management was established in March 2011 and currently offers four undergraduate majors: financial management, hotel management, logistics management and tourism management. 2 specialties: Big Data and Accounting and Big Data and Hotel Operation. There are 26 classes with 1,140 full-time students. There are 40 faculty members, 4 professors, 9 associate professors, 11 lecturers, and 35 postgraduates with master's and doctoral degrees, including 2 doctors  and 26 masters.

In terms of development orientation, 2,516 professionals have been trained to serve the economic and social development of border areas. Pay special attention to the improvement of classroom teaching quality and the construction of experimental practice bases inside and outside the school, focus on the development of management and economics, make financial management, tourism management and logistics management unique, and strive to apply for a master's degree in accounting. In 2015, the school was listed as the first batch of application transformation and development pilots. In 2018, the major of "Financial Management" reached the domestic first-class level and ranked fifth in the province. In 2019, the major of "Financial Management" won the provincial first-class undergraduate major construction site in Yunnan. In October, 2020, the accounting discipline was supported by the school and became one of the six cultivation and construction disciplines of the school. The school has made great efforts to build Myanmar Research Center, SME Research and Consultation Center and Western Yunnan Tourism Culture and Economic Development Research Center, and achieved good results in scientific research and serving local economic and social development.

The School of Humanities

The Humanities School was established in 2011, and its foundation is the history education major of the Chinese Department and the Political History Department of Baoshan Teachers College. The junior school started in 1978, and the undergraduate school started in 2009. In the history of running a school for more than 40 years, it has trained a large number of talents for local economic and social development, especially in the field of basic education, and made positive contributions to local education and the development of schools.

There are 45 teachers in the school, including 7senior professional titles, 19 deputy senior titles and 38 masters and above. Among the teachers, there is one famous Yunling teacher in Yunnan Province, and four famous university teachers.

There are 4 undergraduate majors (Chinese language and literature, history, journalism and secretarial science) and 1 junior college major (Chinese education). There are 1176 students, 930 undergraduates and 246 junior college students.

The School of Physical Education

The School of Physical Education of Baoshan University was established in 2011. Its predecessor was the Physical Education Department of Baoshan Teachers College, which was established in 2005, and The School of Physical Education was established in 2011. At present, there are two majors: physical education and leisure sports.

At present, there are 35 faculty members, 4 professors, 13 associate professors, 6 lecturers and 22 teachers with master's degrees. Teachers have published more than 600 papers in national and provincial journals, 25 B-class articles, compiled monographs and edited 11 teaching materials, presided over more than 60 provincial, municipal and school-level topics, and undertaken professional courses in the School of Physical Education and physical education in the whole school. The school has five teaching and research sections at the college level and two key courses at the college level.

At present, the School of Physical Education has more than 10 practice and training bases at school and college level, including a standard track and field field (including an affiliated grandstand), 9 volleyball courts, 14 basketball field, 1 indoor tennis court (2 venues), 1 outdoor tennis court, 2 gymnastics rooms and 1 table tennis room, with a total area of 48,585 square meters.

In the 16 years since the establishment of the Department of Physical Education, the College has always adhered to the aim of serving local social culture and education, and has vigorously trained high-quality applied talents, delivering nearly 3,000 talents of various types, making positive contributions to local cultural construction and education.

The School of  Foreign Language

The predecessor of Foreign Languages School was the English Department of Baoshan Teachers College, which was established in 1978. In 1989, it was changed to English Department. In 2009, it was changed to Foreign Languages Institute.

At present, there are four undergraduate majors in English, English (normal school), business English and Burmese, and one specialized major in primary school English education.

There are 51 faculty members, 36 with high professional titles and high education, and 3 doctoral students. Hire 3-5 foreign teachers all the year round. There are 794 students in school, 599 undergraduates and 195 junior college students.

There are 6 multimedia and digital network language laboratories, 4 training rooms for computer-assisted translation, simultaneous interpretation and business English simulation. There are more than 10 off-campus practice bases at home and abroad, and an off-campus practice platform with more than 20 government units and enterprises in Baoshan. Business English major has signed overseas cooperative internship bases with Siam University in Thailand and Chiang Mai University in Thailand. Myanmese Language major runs schools in cooperation with 6 universities in Myanmar, including Yangon University, Mandalay University and Mandalay International University, to realize the "2+1+1" talent training mode.

The School of Art and Jewelry

The School of Art and Jewelry began to enroll students in 2002, with 1714 students and 72 faculty members. Among them, there are 3 professors and 12 associate professors, 80% of whom are postgraduates, 1 doctor.

At present, there are 8 undergraduate majors in Fine Arts, Environmental Design, Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Clothing and Costume Design, Arts and Crafts, New Media Art, Gems and Materials Technology. Won three provincial higher education teaching achievement awards, built one provincial specialty and two provincial first-class undergraduate majors. The product design major was awarded the B+ level major in "2021 Chinese University Professional Ranking in Soft Science", ranking the second in Yunnan Province.

In the past five years, relying on national and provincial platforms such as Creative Space and China-Africa Jewelry Industry Research Center, 5 national art funds have been produced and 71 scientific research projects at provincial level and above have been won. He has published 24 academic monographs and edited 4 teaching materials. Published 24 papers in CSSCI journals and Chinese core journals. Teachers and students have won 4 international awards, 17 national awards and 59 provincial awards. 48 invention patents and appearance patents.

The School of Music

The predecessor of the Music school was the "Music Off-the-job Class" of the former Baoshan Teachers College, which was founded in 1995. In September 1999, the Music Department was established to recruit full-time music education majors. In 2010, it enrolled full-time undergraduate musicology majors. In 2015, it enrolled art education majors. In 2018, it enrolled dance majors. At present, there are 661 students in school. There are 31 faculty members, including 3 professors, 7 associate professors, 14 lecturers, 20 postgraduate students, 2 postgraduate students and 6 doctoral students.

Since its establishment, the school has trained a large number of music teachers, literary and art workers and national first-class actors who have taken root at the grassroots level in the border areas. The teaching achievements have been reported by People's Daily, People's Daily, Xinhua net, yunnan net, learning power, etc. Musicology major is a provincial-level applied transformation major, a university-level characteristic major, and a C-level major in Yunnan Province, which has certain influence and demonstration effect among the same majors in similar universities in the province.

Adhering to the idea of open education, Conservatory of Music continues to explore the training path of excellent talents in running schools in cooperation with China Conservatory of Music, Capital Normal University and other first-class universities in the new era, and the training mode of frontier grass-roots music talents with non-genetic inheritance and local industry experts entering the campus, which will help China's rural revitalization strategy and the construction of national unity demonstration zones.

The School of Government Management

    The School of Government Management has three undergraduate majors: political science and administration, social work and administration, with more than 600 students. At present, there are 31 teachers, whose subjects cover politics, law, philosophy, economics, administration and history. Among them, there are 6 professors, 9 associate professors, 1 tutor for doctoral students and 3 tutors for master students. In terms of educational level, there are 3 doctors and 1 doctor in study. By 2021, the School of Government Administration has trained more than 2,200 graduates.

Practice teaching and postgraduate entrance examination are the characteristics of our school. The school has successively established 27 practical teaching bases with Baoshan Civil Affairs Bureau, Tianyuan Town of Changning County, Yingjiang County Education Bureau, etc., to encourage students to further their studies. Nearly 200 students have been admitted to master's degree in Sichuan University, Southwest University, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Yunnan University and other well-known universities.

The School of Resources and Environment

        There are 4 majors in chemistry, bioscience, food quality and safety, and agronomy, covering 3 major disciplines: science, engineering and agriculture. In 2020, bioscience won the first-class professional construction project in Yunnan Province. "Biology" is a provincial key discipline with advantages and characteristics, a first-class discipline in provincial universities (type B plateau), and biological science is a provincial specialty. The specialty group of utilization and development of plateau characteristic biological resources was approved by the Education Department.

There are 56 faculty members in the school, including 7 professors, 19 associate professors, 9 doctors and 31 masters. 46.43% with high professional titles and 71.43% with high academic qualifications. There is one provincial famous teacher, one "top young talent" in Yunnan Province and one innovation team in Baoshan City.

The school has a basic experiment center and an analysis and testing center, with a total construction area of more than 7,000 square meters and a total value of teaching and scientific research equipment of more than 20 million yuan. Baoshan Branch of Yunnan Food Safety Research Institute and Gaoligongshan Research Institute have been established successively, and two key laboratories of the Education Department are under construction.

In recent years, it has won 45 vertical and horizontal projects, including 4 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China; 11 provincial and ministerial projects; Published 135 papers and 4 monographs; 8 invention patents and 7 utility model patents were obtained. Won one third prize of Yunnan Science and Technology Progress Award. He won 14 second and third prizes of teaching achievements and teaching awards at provincial level. Students won 14 national "internet plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship" projects and 6 provincial-level projects; Won one gold medal in "Creating Youth" Yunnan College Students Entrepreneurship Competition; Yunnan "internet plus" University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition won one gold medal; One first prize in the first life science competition for university students in Yunnan Province.

The School of vocational and continuing education

The School of Vocational and Continuing Education  of Baoshan University is a specialized institution that implements adult higher education, higher vocational education, vocational skill appraisal and short-term training. School offers adult higher education, vocational skills training and appraisal, and various short-and medium-term trainings.

At present, there are 16 majors and 6 specialties in adult higher education in our school. The school has cooperated with Yunnan University and other six universities inside and outside the province to run schools. There are 223 adult education students. Co-organized with the School of Software, Yunnan University, with 256 students in four periods.

Baoshan University has Baoshan Xingzhi Vocational Training School and Yunnan 267th Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute. It has cooperated with Baoshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and various vocational training schools in the province to train and appraise baby-sitters, network entrepreneurship and SYB, and trained and appraised 400-500 fresh graduates of Baoshan University every year, creating conditions for Baoshan University students to graduate to the society; In 2021, we cooperated with well-known training institutions in the province to carry out the national certification of AOTOCAD engineers in Baoshan University.


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