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Baoshan City

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Baoshan is located in the western part of Yunnan Province, adjacent to Dali, Lincang, Nujiang and Dehong, and connected to Myanmar, with a 167.78 km long national border. Baoshan is a low-latitude mountainous subtropical monsoon climate. Due to its location on a low-latitude plateau, the topography is complex, forming a three-dimensional climate with "one mountain divided into four seasons, ten miles of different days". There are seven climate types: northern tropical, southern subtropical, central subtropical, northern subtropical, southern temperate, middle temperate and plateau climate. Its characteristics are: small annual temperature difference, large daily temperature difference, the average annual temperature of 14-17 ° C; abundant precipitation, wet and dry, uneven distribution, annual rainfall of 700-2100 mm. The annual average temperature is 15.5°C, the coldest monthly average temperature is 8.2°C and the hottest monthly average temperature is 21°C. There is no heat in summer and no cold in winter, and the four seasons are like spring. Baoshan is rich in lignite reserves and geothermal resources, and is the world's largest small grain coffee planting base, the largest wasabi, dendrobium, walnut and safflower oil tea planting base in China, and the nation's famous "granary of western Yunnan".

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