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Mr. Nilanjan Gupta of India Education Online visited Baoshan University

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On March 22, 2019, in order to enhance further exchanges and cooperation between China and India in higher education, Mr.Nilanjan Gupta, deputy director of India Education Online International Exchange and Cooperation Office, and Mr.Kartick Bachhar, a senior yoga teacher, visited Baoshan University and held talks on enhancing exchanges and cooperation in higher education.

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President Zhao Zhou attended the meeting, including Zhao Jianhua, Dean of Cultural Research Institute, Duan Jiakai, Minister of Propaganda and United Front Work Department, Dai Tiejun, Deputy Director of Party and Government Office, Li Hang, Vice President of Institute of Physical Education, Sun Zongqin, Dean of Institute of Foreign Languages, Zhao Wenyan, Vice President of Innovation Institute and Deputy Director of Recruitment Office, Zhang Xuemei, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office, and Zhu Yanyan, Deputy Director of Exchange and Cooperation Office.

Zhao Zhou welcomed Mr. Niranjang Gupta and Mr. Kartick Bachhar to visit the university. He introduced the running situation of Baoshan University from the development history, teaching and research strength, school characteristics, and foreign exchange and cooperation of the school. He talked about the 40 years of operation of Baoshan University, which offers a variety of disciplines including humanities, management, agriculture, etc. The fundamental task is always to cultivate application-oriented talents to adapt to economic and social development. Baoshan has obvious geographical advantages and was the key point of the Silk Road in the south of China in ancient times.

Mr. Nilanjan Gupta said that, taking into account the actual situation and past experience of Baoshan University, we can arrange suitable time to organize short-term study tours for Baoshan University students to learn Hindi, conduct martial arts exchanges, visit important sites in India, and understand Indian culture; for the yoga promotion project, he said that we can arrange yoga teachers to Baoshan University to conduct yoga training programs, so that more Chinese people can understand the deeper meaning of Indian yoga; for the Hindi teaching project, we can send Hindi teachers to Baoshan University to conduct Hindi courses and receive Baoshan University students and teachers to study Hindi in Indian universities. For the Hindi teaching program, we can send Hindi teachers to Baoshan University to offer Hindi courses and receive students and teachers from Baoshan University to study Hindi in Indian universities.

The two sides discussed the time, cost and visa of study tour. Regarding the establishment of a yoga center in Baoshan University and the development of Hindi language education and cultural and artistic exchanges, both sides hope to continuously expand and deepen cooperation projects with the establishment of the "China-India Cultural Exchange Center" as the starting point.

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