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Introduction of Baoshan University

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Baoshan University (BSU) is located in Baoshan, an ancient and beautiful city in western Yunnan Province, P.R.China. In April 1978, Baoshan Teachers College was established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. In April 2009, it was upgraded to Baoshan University with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It is a comprehensive undergraduate university, set up by Yunnan Provincial People's Government. The university adheres to the motto of "Great Virtue, Extensive Study, Total Commitment, Earnest Practice", and has delivered more than 80,000 specialized talents to the society. In 2015 and 2018, it obtained the title of "Safe Campus" in Yunnan Province; In 2016, it was awarded the "Civilized Unit" of Baoshan City; In 2018, it obtained the title of "Civilized Campus" of Yunnan Province.

At present, the university has a building area of 267,400 square meters, an area of 152,900 square meters of teaching and administrative buildings, and a total value of fixed assets of 664,991,400 yuan, of which the total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment is 110,873,500 yuan. There are 1,939,300 copies of paper resources, 844,100 copies of electronic books and 16,008 kinds of electronic periodicals. The University has 12 secondary schools with 48 undergraduate majors, covering 9 disciplines of literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, law, management, education and art, and enrolls 12,094 full-time students from 6 provinces(cities and autonomous regions)  of China and many countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia (as of September 2021). There are 697 teaching staff, including 648 full-time teachers (including those who are rehired), 78 teachers with doctoral degrees and 385 teachers with master's degrees. Teachers with master's degrees or above account for 74.45% of the total full-time teachers.

Beautiful Campus Environment. The school is located at No.16, yuanzheng Road, at the foot of Qixian Mountain in the west part of Baoshan City. The school is built leaning against the mountain, with the forest outside the window like a screen. There are creeks gurgling in the campus, the trees are shading between buildings and the flowers are blooming all the year round. It is a beautiful garden campus and an ideal place for teachers and students to study, live and for citizens to take a leisurely walk.

Teaching and Discipline Construction. Guided by the needs of local economic and social development, the university constantly optimizes the structure of disciplines and specialties, and the teaching achievements are increasing year by year. The university adheres to the concept of integration of disciplines and specialties and mutual promotion of teaching and scientific research. Discipline construction and scientific research strongly support and promote the teaching reform and personnel training, and improve the teaching quality and level.

Outstanding Characteristics. Combining with the needs of local economic and social development, the university emphasizes the combination of specialty setting and industrial development, encourages students to start their own businesses by encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, and trains a large number of application-oriented talents to meet the needs of local economic and social development.

Internationalization of Education. The university gives full play to its geographical advantages at the key location of the Mekong River Basin and the intersection of South Asia and Southeast Asia in China, actively carries out international student education, overseas Chinese education, academic and cultural exchanges, etc., and signs cooperation agreements with multinational universities to continuously promote the development of disciplines and specialties and the construction of "Border University" and "Overseas Chinese Educational Base", so as to cultivate gems and jade professionals and teachers for Myanmar. It has established cooperative relations with foreign universities and educational institutions such as Siam University of Thailand, Phranakhon Rajabhat University, Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Srinakharinwirot University, Yangon University of Myanmar, Mandalay University, Mithra University, Phaung Daw Oo International University, India Education Online Group and many universities in Taiwan Province, China. In recent years, the university has carried out brand activities such as "China-Myanmar Culture Week" and "Yunnan-Taiwan University Academic and Cultural Exchange Week", and established a "China-Myanmar Jewelry Talent Training Base" in Myitkyina of Myanmar to train professionals in gems and jade, with Myanmar Myitkyina Jewelry Merchants Association.

Baoshan City is located in the subtropical area south of Tropic of Cancer, with a pleasant climate and profound cultural and historical accumulation, which is a place with beautify scenery and fascinating stories. Baoshan University has a beautiful environment, outstanding characteristics, rigorous scholarship and strong strength. Teachers and students are welcomed to visit Baoshan University for study and exchange!



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